With all our go-to makeup in one set, including blush, eyeshadow, compact, lip colour and brushes, makeup kits eliminate the need to carry different cosmetics, making our styling routine quick and simple. Visit Madam’s Choice for various imported brands of makeup kits.

Miss Claire

At Miss Claire beauty means finding the right color cosmetics. Miss Claire makeup kits give you revolutionary textures & up-to-the minute trend setting shades effortlessly, affordably and beautifully.


Ushas Cosmetics is a professional manufacturer of beauty cosmetics which specializes in high class lip care, eye care, face and nail care products.


KMES Cosmetics is located on the beautiful seashore of the South China sea. Founded in 1996, the company has years of experience in the manufacturing of cosmetics; especially the huge range of makeup sets.

Beauty Fancy Collection

Makeup kits are inspired with latest fashion trends and makeup colors and variations of the era. Enhancing one’s facial features, this finest collection of complete make up kit adds a glamour and charisma to every occasion.


Discover a new look everyday by using the Lchear Makeup Kits. They include everything that you need to your feminine beauty and style. They are specially made to add adorable touch to your make-up collection.

CP Trendies

CP trendies collection is a modern and holistic take on Make Up artistry. Lips, Eyes, Skin and Nails, We’ve got what you need to shine!