Canned meat products are prepared by hermetically sealing (preventing the escape or entry of air) the product in a container and thermally processed to destroy spoilage microorganisms.
Canned meat provides high-quality, protein-rich food that is stable at ambient temperatures and is very convenient. The range of meat-based products available to consumers at Madam’s Choice is large and diverse.

California Garden

California Garden offers a wide range of tuna that is packed in sunflower oil, olive oil or water. Our sliced tuna is unique since we hand slice each filet and pack it in various sauces.

John West

With a naturally delicious flavor and a versatility that sees it included in everything from tuna pasta to sushi rolls, we predict that John West tuna meat will be a family favorite for many generations to come.


Zwan brings you chicken luncheon meat that is rich in taste and is ideal for a quick wholesome meal. Explore the wide range of products in food and gourmet category offered by Zwan.