Attar or Ittar is a Persian term derived from ‘attar’, ‘otto’ or ‘ottar’, meaning perfume, aroma, fragrance, scent, or essence. Attars are environmentally friendly too because of their natural ingredients and easily recyclable packaging. You can choose from a variety of alcohol free branded attars at Madam’s Choice.

Swiss Arabian

Swiss Arabian offers a unique variety of exquisite, exotic and high quality designer concentrated oils

Al Haramain

Established since the 1970s, Al Haramain Perfumes are a fragrance house that originated in the heart of the Middle East and have since expanded their brand worldwide.
Our range of fragrances caters to many different tastes; whether you’re looking for strong woody tones or fresh sweet notes, we’ve got it all.

Ahsan Perfumes

A natural perfume oil derived from sources like flowers, herbs and spices. Attars are usually very strong and are dabbed directly on the skin generally at the pulse points. Ahsan Attars are available in Roll-On versions all across the world.